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Where have all the bins gone?

10 November, 2017

• STREET bins have been removed from all of the 390 bus stops from King’s Cross onwards.

My flat is next to a bus stop and when Veolia took over refuse collection in April it didn’t take it long before the street bin outside my flat was permanently removed.

Living a short way from shops and fast-food outlets and a nightclub, I now have a problem with people dumping litter in my bins or over my front wall.

The litter collection for the street bin at the bus stop used to happen several times a week so that’s a lot of litter that now ends up in our front areas.

I constantly have to check that my recycle bin has not been contaminated with waste food, half-full cups of coffee or other junk.

Perhaps a Freedom of Information request would find out how many street bins have been removed since April.



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