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Whittington: a question of leadership

05 October, 2018

The Whittington Hospital

• WHITTING­TON Health held its annual general meeting last week, when only one member of the public, a previous governor of the hospital, attended.

Defend Whittington Health Coalition was unable to attend so, having read the hospital’s annual report, we sent questions to be read out and answered at the meeting. We don’t think they did this, although we have had a reply from the chief executive.

Our main concern relates to transparency. This meeting took place following a traumatic year which saw the board unanimously and irresponsibly decide not to terminate their procurement contract with Ryhurst, subsidiary of Grenfell contractor Rydon.

Now, they have changed their minds, wasting a year of everyone’s time and resulting in this company resorting to legal processes to extract funds from our NHS. Per­haps each board member should pay this fine?

The words “Rydon” or “Ryhurst” are not mentioned in the annual report. Yet this whole business took up time and caused distress. The decision to procure the firm is not mentioned in the minutes accessible to the public.

One person turned up to the meeting. Why? Might it have something to do with a leadership that fails to communicate with its community, and attempts to take our hospital down a road that should have been labelled “No Entry”?

Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition


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