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Whittington Hospital needs support, not protests

03 November, 2017

Anti-cuts protesters at the Whittington Hospital

• THE reaction to another Whittington Hospital initiative to make better use of its under-used land and the many buildings it owns is predictable (Hospital protest over link with Grenfell Tower firm, October 27).

I cannot recall the so-called Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition ever argued against plans by the hospital, based on perceptions of what is good for its patients, its staff, the local community or the NHS at large.

Its viewpoint is politically doctrinaire and marked by hostility to a free market and the private sector to which it now adds the virtue signalling of a moral high-ground.

The NHS is desperately in need of all the extra funding it can get. The Whittington Health proposals seem pragmatic and innovative with suitable commercial precautions.

We have a first-class hospital trust which needs our support and can do without being threatened by angry demonstrations.

Retired consultant physician, N6


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