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Whittington nurse’s 47-years of service honoured

“I just love working with people, but it is especially nice to work with them in their homes"

14 December, 2018 — By Angela Cobbinah

WHEN Wendy Gaughan enrolled for nurses’ training at the Whittington Hospital in 1971 it never crossed her mind that she’d still be working there almost five decades later.

Last week, she was honoured as the hospital’s longest-serving nurse, with 47 years under her belt. “I haven’t been counting so it was a bit of a shock to find how long it was,” said Wendy.

“But after all this time, I still get a huge amount of satisfaction from a job I love.”

She was one of a group of nurses to receive a certificate and hospital badge from Whittington’s chief nurse, Michelle Johnson, last Thursday.

After the formalities, Wendy was asked to cut the first slice of a cake designed in the form of a nurses’ uniform.

She joined the hospital when she was 17 after moving in with her auntie in Holloway.

Nurse Wendy Gaughan cuts the specially-designed cake

“I was fed up having to travel a long way to work and my aunt suggested I try for a job at the hospital up the road,” she recalled.

After working on the wards, Wendy went on to become a community nurse, visiting patients in their homes.

Although she retired from full-time work five years ago, the grandmother-of-two continues to put in one day a week and is looking forward to helping out over the festive season with a week-plus stretch.

“I just love working with people, but it is especially nice to work with them in their homes,” explained Wendy, who still lives in Holloway.

Asked how her job had changed over the years, she said: “As a junior nurse you hardly ever left the sluice room. Now, nurses senior to me value my experience and often ask for my advice.”

Among other nurses at the veterans’ tea were 15 midwives who together had clocked up 419 years.


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