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Whittington nurses visit prince at the palace

06 April, 2018 — By Tom Foot

Sue Gibbs and Julie Brown at Buckingham Palace

FRONTLINE nurses swapped the Whittington trauma wards for the “glamour” of Buckingham Palace at a special reception with Prince Charles.

Sue Gibbs, nurse manager of the “virtual ward” and the Highgate hospital’s “rapid response” team, and Coyle ward manager Julie Brown were chosen for their dedication and hard work.

The Coyle ward is a busy surgical trauma ward that takes patients from the emergency department.

Ms Brown said: “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the beauty of the Palace and the glamour. As I was walking through the long corridors, I thought, ‘I’m walking on carpet that the Queen has walked on!’

“Sue and I were lucky – he only got to speak to about half of the 350 nurses and we were among them. It’s obvious he appreciates the nursing profession and realises how varied our roles can be.”

Ms Gibbs was picked for the Palace because of her work on the hospital’s “virtual wards”, where staff go and deliver hospital-style care in patients’ own homes.

She said: “The central staircase hung with oil paintings and tapestries was breathtaking and the painted ceilings staggering.”

The hospital also received daffodils from the Queen this week as part of an annual tradition.


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