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Whittington patients are told: Take off your jim-jams!

Hospital aiming to speed up recovery with get-up-and-go regime that will encourage patients to get dressed in day clothes

20 April, 2018 — By Tom Foot

The Whittington Hospital

WHITTINGTON patients are being urged to ditch their pyjamas as staff usher in a new get-up-and-go regime.

From this week patients are being asked to get dressed in day clothes and families and friends are being urged to pick up dirty washing. They are also being encouraged to help patients with make-up, hair and shaving in a move aimed at encouraging patients to get out of bed more each day and move around.

The idea is that patients who get up and walk about recover quicker than those lolling about in their jim-jams.

Chief nurse Michelle Johnson said: “It isn’t normal for people to spend all day in pyjamas at home, so why should they do this in hospital? Getting dressed makes it more likely that our patients will get out of bed and move around, meaning that they will regain strength and can go home sooner.

“To do this, patients need support from their loved ones – family and friends can help by ­taking home clothes that need a wash and bringing in fresh outfits. This is a way that everyone – staff, family and friends – can come together to help patients get back to their own homes faster.”


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