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Who will listen to tenants on rundown Barnsbury estate?

12 January, 2018

• THE Barnsbury estate, off Copenhagen Street, is in desperate need of help.

Landlord Newlon Housing Trust and its on-site management team, Belmo, are allowing the estate to become rundown. Residents can clearly see how bad it is getting day by day.

CCTV cameras have been broken for years. There is damp and mould in lots of flats, faulty boilers, broken doors and windows, and mice and cockroach infestations. The list is endless.

Newlon and Belmo sit back and turn a blind eye to everything. Newlon won’t take responsibility, telling residents to contact Belmo. Residents who complain either get ignored or are told excuses just to make them go away.

Problems don’t solve themselves. The poor cleaning of some blocks is disgusting, a health hazard to anyone who lives there.

Many residents believe the estate is being run into the ground to be sold off to private investors. Where would that leave residents? Pushed out and forced to move to areas where they don’t want to live just so Newlon can make a nice sum of money.

Islington Council should step in and help save residents. Theresa May said that anybody who lives in social housing will not go unheard. Let’s see who is listening now.

Barnsbury estate, N1


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