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Who’s is in charge of the borough’s parking places?

13 December, 2019

• FOLLOWING Meg Howarth’s letter (This parking policy is quite absurd, December 6) regarding the potential rethink of council policy on roamer parking, and the fact that no data on roamer parking is kept, it seems that while they are at it, a review of the data management of all parking places might be in order.

Following a Freedom of Information inquiry regarding how many parking places there are in Islington (on-street and on-estate) since 2015, some information was forthcoming and some mysteriously not.

Estate parking figures show an overall increase of 11 spaces since 2015, with a year-to-date 2019 number of 5,939. So this is going in the wrong direction; but at least the data is available on which to make decisions.

However, the figure for year-to-date 2019 on-street parking places is 6,899 with no figures available for previous years. It would cost apparently nearly £4,500 and 178 hours to gather the data going back to 2015.

If the management of parking is outsourced, then the SLA service level agreement should include proper record-keeping. If it isn’t outsourced, then the council should be able to provide these figures itself.

Either way, to hide behind the cost of gathering information which should be easily available is unacceptable.

I fully understand that council funds have been cut but that’s a poor excuse for the lack of transparency regarding parking spaces in the borough.

Who is in charge of the 12,838 (if this figure can be believed) parking places at Islington Council? Anyone?



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