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Why are we being kept in the dark about plans for Highbury Corner?

16 February, 2018

TfL website detailing results of the consultation

• WHY won’t the council share its plans for Highbury Corner roundabout? The public consultation finished in March 2016, yet concerned residents are still waiting for details of the proposed changes.

Islington’s transport chief Councillor Claudia Webbe has been reported as saying that the council “look forward to the Highbury Corner gyratory removal, which will… bring major improvements, including greatly improved safety for pedestrian and cyclists”, showing that they are clearly working on this project.

On December 20, Transport for London posted on its consultation website that the report would be published during January, but still nothing has been shared.

This week, this website was updated to say: “We will now spend time reviewing and considering all points raised in the consultation and will publish a second report in the coming months, in which we will set out our response to issues that were commonly raised in the consultation, and explain the next steps for the project.”

It is now nearly two years since the public consultation ended. Not everyone is in favour of removing the roundabout; some feel that improvements to the station to make it more accessible would provide greater benefit.

But Islington Council doesn’t seem to care enough to share its plans and have an informed debate. What is the reason for its delay in sharing the second report? Is the council worried that its plans will not be popular with voters in the forthcoming local elections?

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