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Why didn’t they fight over right-to-buy?

13 June, 2019

• IN recent years many blocks of flats have been built all over London but the housing shortage can never be addressed by a ratio of units set aside for rent by those on low incomes.

No doubt housing built on O2 Centre land will adhere to the required minimum, as agreed by the Mayor of London and/or the government.

All service industry workers are sorely needed to keep London moving, including those in cleaning, catering, education, firefighting, health, police, retail, transport, and wholesalers. Where do the authorities think they live?

Who and how chooses occupants of reserved units? Also what is the accommodation outlook for older children of low-paid families in reserved units, who in a few years time could themselves be parents?

Older readers will recall that for many years a Labour government had the power to rescind the right-to-buy public housing when it knew what was happening in the London boroughs. Why didn’t it?



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