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Why do we let old people fall through safety net?

05 January, 2018

• WHY are some people falling through the safety net when it is snowing on one of the coldest days of the year?

I saw quite an old man in Holloway and his trousers were all torn and his jacket was very old and light. He did not seem like a homeless person but did not seem to have money to buy winter clothes and shoes. So why don’t councils and the state have some body or bodies to make sure these unfortunate people get the help they need?

There are so many charities, yet people still fall through the net, in particular old people. I am a pensioner and know how to cope on my pension but not everyone can get the pension and benefits sorted out for Christmas.

I hope this man gets good clothes to keep him warm. I would say: “Get off your phones and look out for people like that.”



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