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Why go back to Labour?

07 June, 2019

Emily Thornberry

• EMILY Thornberry says she is “100 per cent certain” that voters will come back to Labour after choosing the Lib Dems in the EU elections, as if they don’t have minds of their own, (Emily Thornberry: ‘Islington will come back to Labour’, May 31).

Why should voters return to Labour? She doesn’t acknowledge the damage that Brexit will do to our future. Her Labour-dominated council still refuses to back calls by residents for a People’s Vote. And, lifelong anti-EU Jeremy Corbyn continues to hold out for his own version of Brexit.

The issue in the EU elections was not just the lack of clarity in the Labour message. It was the message itself. You can’t do Brexit and invest in healthcare and education. You can’t do Brexit and lead internationally on the climate emergency.

You can’t do Brexit and retain support from local residents when their views are so blatantly taken for granted. It is good to read of Ms Thornberry’s support for a People’s Vote and I wish her every success in convincing others in her party.

Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate, Islington South and Finsbury


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