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Why have they cut No 277 bus service by half?

29 June, 2018

• WHY must it take at least a year to improve Highbury Corner? They have been at it since 2015.

In its wisdom, Transport for London has decided from next Saturday to stop the No 277 day bus route at Dalston Junction, thus cutting the service from Dalston Junction by 50 per cent.

No doubt there will not be an increase in buses on the No 30 route to cover for this. But they can apparently put on a new night bus, N277, from – wait for it – the Angel Islington, along Upper Street and St Paul’s/Balls Pond Road to Limehouse.

If they can do this, then surely on such a badly-served stretch of road they could reinstate the No 277 day bus and run it to and from the Angel along the same route as they propose to run the N277, but then that would be asking too much.

TfL says that people who will be put out by this withdrawal of the No 277 bus route past Dalston can use other routes or London Overground.

Conveniently, it seems to forget that for me and others my nearest London Overground stations are Highbury and Islington, Canonbury, Dalston Kingsland/ Dalston Junction, all of which mean taking a minimum of two buses to get to them.

What else can we expect from an organisation that a few months ago was pleading it was too hard up to be able to repair potholes on London’s roads.

Yet TfL and Islington Council can waste untold millions on this ongoing farce at Highbury Corner roundabout, not forgetting all the extra pollution from traffic that will occur.

Clifford Crescent, N16


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