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Why Mick is so glad to once again hear… the bark of Zorro!

Delight for ‘devastated’ owner as he is reunited with pet snatched outside a supermarket

24 December, 2020 — By Helen Chapman

Mick Anthony with his loyal ‘partner’ Zorro

ONE man and his dog have been reunited in time for Christmas, more than a month after the pet was stolen from outside a supermarket.

Mick Anthony was left devastated when Zorro, 17, was taken from outside Lidl in Finsbury Park.

He said he had been tying the Corgi-Jack Russell cross outside the shop every Saturday night for the past 15 years without a problem.

“This night was busy but I didn’t think much of it,” he said. “As I came out the security guard was dealing with some shoplifters and I saw he [Zorro] was gone.”

Mr Anthony said he reported his loss to the police but expected the worst.

He said: “I was devastated. I couldn’t sleep for three or four weeks. He was always beside me then all of a sudden, he wasn’t beside me.

“It’s a devastating experience for anybody to go through.”

Mr Anthony’s friends surprised him outside his door with Zorro once he was found. A woman had responded to their appeal posters and phoned up saying her son had bought Zorro in Brick Lane for £350 on a night out.

“I was ecstatic,” he said. “All I did was pick him up and he was licking my face. The first thing I said to him was ‘my little flower’ because that’s our endearment to each other as opposed to Zorro. He was a bit traumatised when I first got him back, shaking and everything but now he is back to his nonchalant self, wanting to be the alpha male out on the streets.”

Mr Anthony said that he had spoken to the man who bought Zorro.

“I said he’s an old dog why did you spend that much money on him? And he said well I fell in love with him. I said everybody falls in love with him,” said Mr Anthony.

“He’s such a character. He’s my partner. He’s more than just a dog because he’s so loyal. We have got that telepathic thing. I look up and he looks round and I know what he wants because of his doleful-looking eyes. That’s why everyone loves him – his eyes.

“I walk down Blackstock Road and people say ‘you got him back, Mick. How did you do that?’ I said a lot of persevering and people putting posters everywhere.”

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