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Why must we pay to leave EU club?

29 June, 2018

• IF you decide to relinquish your membership of a club, then you just cease to pay in any more money.

You would not be expected to pay anything to leave, but the EU outrageously expects us to do just that. In fact, it owes us a vast sum of money.

In 1945, we, with our allies, finished the job of liberating Nazi-occupied countries, including Germany. It cost us a lot of money to do this. So much that we had to borrow a chunk of it from the US. It took us 60 years to repay it.

Nobody seems to know exactly how much we had to spend on the European theatre of war in all – most estimates are between £150 billion and £300 billion in today’s money.

For five years, eight months, virtually every fit, working-age civilian was employed on, in one way or another, the war effort. Merchant navy losses, too, were colossal.

But, to my knowledge, not one penny has been repaid to us by any of those nations which we liberated.

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