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Why not start with reducing on-street parking?

16 August, 2019

Green-fingered gardener Decibel Mbatika, who has helped to create a mini garden in front of homes in Holloway

• IN a borough where, according to Transport for London, just 26 per cent of households owns or has access to a private vehicle, parking along residential streets definitely needs to be reduced, (Green street! Holloway parking spaces become gardens, July 26).

Maybe transport – and environment – boss, Cllr Claudia Webbe will explain why she’s failing to implement her party’s mantra “For the many, not the few” on the streets where we live?

If fewer than one-third of local households owns a car, residents need to understand why our roads are lined with parked vehicles, endangering both cyclists and pedestrians, particularly the vulnerable and those with children.

Cllr Webbe could start by overseeing a plan to reduce on-street parking by half. For example, one side of every residential road to become car-free.

While we await the freeing-up of our roads, the best way to green our streets is with tree-pit planting and on-road park­lets. Additional pavement clutter, hazardous for the disabled and other pedestrians, must be avoided.

An excellent way forward would be for the council to issue permits allowing car-less house­holds the right to an on-road space which would otherwise be used for parking.

Electric vehicles, despite the particulate pollution they emit, are allowed to park for free. So why not carbon-reducing, aesthetically pleasing planting?



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