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Why not use the Town Hall roof for 5G antennas?

22 November, 2019

Braithwaite House, in Bunhill, is among the towers where a telecoms giant wants to place antennas

• I WRITE as a concerned resident of Braithwaite House, Bunhill Row. I was informed last week that there were plans to put no fewer than 42 5G towers on our roof!

With absolutely no consultation, I phoned planning and they informed me that letters where sent out in November of last year. I for one didn’t receive one and I’ve spoken to about 15 residents who also never received one.

As a community we have been through enough. We recently had Grenfell-style cladding removed and improvement works which lasted well over two years and are still ongoing.

Some residents on the third floor are having the living rooms completely redesigned against their wishes and losing half their living space. We are being treated like a social experiment by the party of the people! I feel incredible let down.

There are hundreds of non-residents blocks around us that they could put these antennas on. Why target only social housing?

They are looking for cheap options at our expense. How much money is the council getting for selling off our roof? If antennas are so safe put them on top of the town hall.



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