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Why should EU take any notice of a second referendum?

07 September, 2018

• P LAIDLAW predicated his argument on a quote he attributed to me, “Out means out” (The mood is shifting, give people a final vote on Brexit, August 31). He must have read this in another place written by another person but not me.

How can it be disin­genuous to make the assumption that voters fully inform themselves before casting their vote? He is questioning the competence of voters. Was the struggle for universal suffrage not worth the effort?

Touchingly, P Laidlaw finds reassurance in the EU being a “safety net” to protect us against “hard-right parties”. Not what I am seeing or reading, quite the reverse. The next date to look out for in this sorry tale of EU political and social degeneracy is September 9: soon enough.

He falls into the trap of stating that the euro is not an issue because we have not adopted it. A Little Englander attitude as ever I heard.

The point to be grasped is that we are leaving and the EU will not permit us to remain. They would be delighted to welcome us as a new member after we have left, but at that point we would be required to give up ster­ling and adopt the euro.

To describe leaving the EU as “madness” shows contempt for rational debate; 17.4 million people are not mad and should not be subject to puerile insult. Would it be better to simply delegate the entire matter to an appointed, unelected bureaucracy, but then this would be the EU wouldn’t it?

When mentioning MP Keir Starmer, Dick Leonard (Letters, August 31) might ask why he has not been sacked for suggesting that a second referendum could be “on the table”. MP Owen Smith was sacked for calling for this very thing earlier in the year. In any event, why should the EU take any notice of a second referendum? Nothing more than another Little Englander indulgence.

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