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Why we cannot forgive Lib Dem role in Coalition

05 July, 2019

Vince Cable, who has now stepped down as leader of the Liberal Democrats

• EUPHORIA not reality seems to have gripped the Lib Dems when they hope we have forgotten the past in their rush to rewrite history, locally and nationally.

The chair of Islington Lib Dems, Pierre Delarue, tried so hard to distance his party from the toxic relationship it enjoyed with the Tories as Coalit­ion partners that lost them credibility and 40 MPs, (What we lose if Brexit goes ahead, June 20).

Lib Dem leader candidate Ed Davey was part of that coalition, but he is trying hard to spin their enabling as “we acted as a brake as we held the Tories back”.

Readers will have noticed that he ignored the central point that the Liberals broke their promise and tripled student tuition fees, throwing a generation into debt for life.

And where is Nick Clegg now? £1m-plus-a-year, with a Silicon Valley mansion, to be the public face of disgraced Facebook. And we are expected to forgive and forget. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig?



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