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Why we must fight to save this Essex Road greengrocers

13 April, 2018

Kay Scorah with the petition calling for Market Garden fruit and veg shop to be saved

• LOCALS and fans of the parade of truly exceptional and much-loved shops in Essex Road, which includes a proper butcher’s, fishmonger and bakery, will be appalled to realise that the excellent greengrocers at no 92 run by Jacqui Emery’s family for more than 20 years is under notice to quit at the beginning of June, (Customers in fight to save popular fruit and veg shop, April 6).

The land has been bought by people who inevitably have already measured it up for flats. The Emerys don’t want to go, nor do their large clientele want them to go.

They love their varied and cheap produce and the fact that customers serve themselves using paper bags, not yet the horribly, damaging plastic ones.

The council could perfectly well refuse planning permission to preserve a precious local amenity, promote vegetables and save on yet more landfill rubbish.

There is a petition against this, or at least asking for a stay of execution, got up by recipe writer and local Kay Scorah, which can be signed in the shop. Please sign.

Islington doesn’t have to be destroyed by the juggernaut of big money if residents make it clear enough they will fight to preserve what is precious about the borough.

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