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Why we should cut back on luxuries – like meat

01 February, 2019

• THESE days we see vegan options everywhere, and some Isling­ton folk doubtless gave Vega­nuary a go, even if I admit I’m not one of them.

As well as veganism’s moral argument, there is an environmental reason for eating less meat as red meat may be responsible for around four or five times more carbon dioxide emissions than a similar weight of chicken, or 15 to 20 more than beans or tofu.

My personal new year resolution, therefore, is to eat less meat, so I was glad to see it is in touch with a new international report published proposing a “planetary health diet” – how to feed the world’s growing population without destroying our environment.

The report isn’t saying we shouldn’t eat meat at all – though clearly vegans would prefer us not to – but more that we need to see it as a luxury, to be eaten occasionally, rather than something we’re eating every day. One of the report authors made a compar­ison with lobster, which he really likes but doesn’t expect to eat very often.

To avoid catastrophic climate change we need action by government, whether national, London-wide or local, but some things we can do ourselves, easily and immediately.

We can all turn down our thermostats and wear jumpers in winter. We can all drive less – if we do at all. And the carnivores among us can all start eating less meat.

Islington Green Party 


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