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Will the will of the people always count with the Brexiteers?

13 June, 2019

Cartoon by John Sadler

• WHEN will the yah-sucks-boo/go boil your heads attitude of the side winning the referendum cease?

There are several subjects that if put before the electorate could easily be popular enough to get majority votes. Among them could be banning nuclear weapons, banning private landlords, and banning public schools, etc.

If any of these topics came to a public vote or referendum and won a majority, could we expect the wholesale support of those espousing the “will of the people” concerning the referendum vote?

Of the home nations, Scotland seems to be the home of growing discontent with the United Kingdom and on the assumption of another referendum being allowed, and a win for Scottish independence, will Brexiteers be behind it?

As the Catholic element in Northern Ireland grows and probably changes the political situation there, presumably there will be Brexiteer cheering of a future nationalist government wanting to secede from the UK as this would again represent the “the will of the people”.

The political situation in Wales will also bear watching. Are fears plus false promises really confined to one side of the debate? When will the Brexiteer triumphalism end?

When we revert to being just a small island, with no empire or European Union status for support, can any Brexiteer tell us how long it will be before we ask for admission to become a member of the US?

Having closed the door on EU migrants, the low-pay and low-esteem jobs will not be done by them, will we have a date by when a British government will force youths into such work?

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