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WILLING to lose it all: Almost two-thirds of London don’t have a will

22 November, 2019

According to new data, almost two-thirds (64%) of people in London are bumbling through life without a will and no clear plan on what should happen to their estate and assets once they die – which could make things tricky for their loved ones.

This data comes from a survey carried out by online will experts Beyond. Whilst 15% of people in London said they are planning on getting a will, there are many reasons why so many people don’t have one.

Death has long been a taboo topic, and it seems that people are in fact still too anxious to talk about the inevitability of death. The survey revealed that 7% of London feel anxious when talking about a will, and cited that as the reason they don’t have one.

However, Money seems to be playing the biggest part in people’s decision to leave the fate of their estate in the hands of the government. 18% of London based respondents admitted that the cost of creating a will was standing in the way of writing one.

What are the other reasons Londoners aren’t getting wills?

  • I haven’t thought about it – 23%
  • I don’t need one until I’m much older – 12%
  • I’m not sure how to do it – 12%
  • I don’t need to make decisions about things I don’t want to – 6%
  • It’s too much hassle to go to a solicitor – 6%

In some cases, however, the reason for not having a will is actually quite simple, the survey revealed that 13% of people in London said that they simply do not want a will, with a rather bleak 4% saying they just ‘don’t care what happens to them once they are gone’.

Maya Traykova from Beyond said, “There is often a lack of understanding and education around will writing. We carried out this survey to get a real sense of the attitudes surrounding wills in the UK. We knew the number of people without a will were high, but our survey has revealed the problem is actually worse than we thought.

We wanted to raise awareness about what could be at stake for someone who dies without having a will and encourage people to not only open up about death but also be prepared when the time comes.”

Beyond has created an infographic visualising some of the survey results which you can see here:


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