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With the GP takeover how many services will be lost?

01 April, 2021

Mitchison Road Surgery will be run by a subsidiary of the Centene Corporation

• IT is now three months since our CCG, clinical commissioning group, allowed my Islington GP surgery, Mitchison Road, to be surreptitiously taken over by an American health care conglomerate, Centene Corporation, (GP surgeries’ patients put in the hands of US big business, February 19).

I have still not been informed by the surgery itself, let alone consulted on whether or not I wanted my future health care to be in the hands of a profit-oriented corporation 4,000 miles away.

When I moved to Islington six years ago I chose Mitchison Road based on recommendation from the local pharmacy, who handed me a flyer from the surgery headed “Looking for an NHS GP?”.

The leaflet described the services offered. It included services such as smears and swabs, chronic disease reviews, home visits, dietary advice as well as all the regular care one would expect. And Mitchison Road has delivered for me every time.

How many of those services will remain, I wonder, when the accountants from the United States get their hands on the numbers? Will Mitchison Road meet the fate of some other UK surgeries taken over by Centene, and be closed?

The deal was shamefully nodded through by the CCG at a private meeting just before Christmas. We now learn that Centene is being taken to court by the state of Ohio for what amounts to overcharging, an allegation which Centene obviously denies.

The health secretary should intervene to stop this takeover of our precious facilities immediately. After all, how many times were we assured by our Tory government that the NHS was “not on the table” in their longed-for trade deal with the United States?

Islington Green Party


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