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Women who are challenging two-party politics

12 April, 2019

Women’s Equality Party candidates at next year’s Assembly elections

• THE Women’s Equality Party has announced the brilliant team of 11 women who will be standing for the London Assembly elections in 2020.

The candidates were elected by London members, and the progress they make will be a game-changer for all. Professor Sue Black, renowned computer scientist and feminist is our party’s London 2020 Mayoral candidate.

Ms Black, a survivor of domestic abuse who went on to build a stellar career in technology and inspire thousands of women, said her campaign would prioritise ending violence against women in the capital city, protecting and improving funding for refuges and women’s services, and investing in communities.

As co-leaders of Islington branch and local activists, we are honoured to be campaigning alongside such a talented and diverse team of women. Together, we are changing the face of politics in London and putting women’s equality at the heart of the debate, bringing energy and hope to politics.

The 11 candidates, in order of selection, are: Harini Iyengar, Christine Dean, Tabitha Morton, Rebecca Manson Jones, Nikki Uppal, Pamela Ritchie, Jenn Selby, Leila Fazal, Dr Sarabajaya Kumar, Guilene Marco and Sellisha Lockyer.

Together with the 27 candidates standing in council elections across the country, we are challenging the narrow political vision of two-party politics and pushing our progressive policies. The future is on our side.

Women’s Equality Party Islington branch co-leaders and London Assembly candidates


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