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Yes, the Highbury Corner scheme is a failure

20 March, 2020

• I COULDN’T agree more with Tim Sayer, (The arguments about the fitness for purpose of Highbury Corner rage on, March 6).

As he quite rightly says, this has proved to be a failure. The Transport for London engineers who pushed this through at Highbury Corner should consider their positions and resign – and Cllr Richard Watts could also consider doing the same thing.

Chance would be a fine thing. No doubt they will be given a promotion as well as a hefty pay rise to boot.

I remember that when I was working as the workshop technician in my local secondary school that if I had behaved in the same way I would not have been given the choice of resigning. I would have been given my P60 and promptly fired for misconduct.

I also read the article in the same issue about the trees being sacrificed for a vanity housing project and was glad to read in the March 13 edition that these trees are going to be left where they are. It goes to show how two-faced the authorities can be.

If I dared to chop a tree down without permission, even if it was dead on its roots, I would be hauled before the courts etc for doing so. So it is good that these perfectly healthy trees are being left in place.

Clissold Crescent, N16


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