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You failed to mention my MP in your conference coverage

08 October, 2021

MP Emily Thornberry

• THE Tribune’s excellent coverage of the Labour Party conference detailing Labour’s crisis and rule changes but failed to mention any contributions made by my MP Emily Thornberry.

Despite Emily’s backing Sir Keir Starmer’s stance over the trans row (whether only women have cervixes) it would be interesting to glean what the Islington South and Finsbury MP and shadow international trade appointee thought about one of Sir Keir’s other visionary proposals: sidelining any current and future MPs with deselection procedures?

Reading the transcript online of her speech at the New Statesman fringe meeting, Putting Human Rights At The Heart Of Trade, surely warranted some inclusion in your reportage of the conference.

Sir John Curtice was right to focus on the “12 per cent swing” needed to secure any future Labour government.

While both Emily and Jeremy Corbyn had “stonking” majorities in 2019 both MPs saw a 7 per cent swing from Labour to Liberal Democrat.

And wipe-outs to Labour in the Midlands red wall and Scotland prompts me to ask whether Labour voters are facing the demise of their party forever – doomed to opposition in an ever changing electoral map of Britain.

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