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You shouldn’t have to be brave to cycle

05 August, 2021

‘Riding a bike to go from A to B should not be done only by the young, fit or the brave’

• I FEEL compelled to write following Melanie Etherton’s letter, (We must switch to low-carbon modes of transport now, July 29).

I have been riding but sometimes also driving in London for years and whenever I cycle, as a female, I have experienced exactly the same abuse Melanie describes.

I cycle to work and try to cycle for “pleasure”, however, most of the time it is not very pleasant and if Camden and all other London boroughs want to encourage people to cycle and improve diversity, the only way to do this at the moment is by installing segregated lanes.

I have heard too many times, when I mention that I cycle, people replying: “You are brave!”

Riding a bike to go from A to B should not be done only by the young, fit or the “brave” because it is either unpleasant due to the abuse or straightforward dangerous.

This puts people off and especially certain kinds of people that could very well cycle but decide not to for the above reasons I have stated. The more diversity of people we see on bikes the better it is for everybody.

To help others, I have signed up to be a cycle buddy and help less confident riders to start cycling in London. So if you are interested Do have a look at this page.

Minster Road, NW6


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