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You’d be better off walking with all these bus diversions

03 November, 2017

• AS an Oyster card-holder and bus user I would like to share with readers my anger and frustration at the arrangement for road repairs at the Angel.

Not only is it confusing but it is a total shambles. Why do we have buses diverting in Finsbury, Pentonville and the City. More than eight bus routes have been diverted. You can no longer access main roads by buses except if you are going north.

I do not know why or how it has become so complex or difficult for Transport for London to redirect these buses. The way they have been diverted we would be better off walking to Gray’s Inn Road, Old Street or Clerkenwell, with average road speed now reduced to five miles an hour.

We need to ask ourselves: why bother to have a bus pass and travel on buses at all if we are been faced with this poor service and confusion? It seems to me that TfL is either not listening or does not care about its passengers and the people who pay for it in their taxes and bus fares.

Maybe it is time we had a bus passengers’ strike and handed in our Oyster cards to TfL? At least then they would start putting their “customers” first and not last as they seem to think we are hostage to their Oyster cards and higher fares.

Labour, Clerkenwell


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