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Young Tritons warm up for a team-building 5K challenge

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23 November, 2018 — By Helen Chapman

The running group aims to show boys ‘there’s more to the world than a computer screen’

BOYS aged 7-11 are taking part in a running group, launching this Saturday, based on compassion and team-building. Young Tritons UK is beginning its first programme with pupils from Newington Green Primary School and is a spin-off from running club Mini Mermaids UK for young girls. Volunteer coaches will work with boys on their thoughts and feelings and encourage open conversation and build teams that work together which grows compassion and empathy within the boys.

Colleen Krenzer, from Mini Mermaids UK, said: “We are really excited to launch this project. It’s all about how to be compassionate to yourself and others. But it is not just about the running and having open conversations, it’s about how do we come together as a team and what it means to be a teammate. It’s based on support rather than competition.”

Like Mini Mermaids, Young Tritons will participate in a six- to eight-week curriculum, at the end of which the boys participate in a 5km challenge. Coach Marc Pollack said: “I believe that in the times that we live in and everything now is on a screen or mobile device or social media, getting out there and exercising helps clear the head and helps us concentrate on the things that are important to us, it also shows there is more to the world than just sitting in front of a computer screen.”

The Young Tritons will be joined by Islington Mayor Dave Poyser at Highbury Fields tomorrow (Saturday) at 9am for their first 5k challenge.

Make connections at healing encounters

Valerie Kattenfeld, third from right, leading a workshop

Valerie Kattenfeld, from Austria, worked as a theatre director, performer and dancer for a decade before going to India where she discovered how to be “non- judgmental”. Now she is running weekly workshops called The Healing Encounter on Friday evenings at New Unity, the non-religious church in Newington Green that hosts community workshops and activist meetings.

“We will dance together and make eye contact, ask questions,” explains Valerie. “It’s about bonding and connecting people. We are just more than single aspects in the community. They are for everyone who loves to meet new people, wants to improve their social skills, strengthen their self-esteem and practise being authentic.”

Valerie will also host free workshops called “The Healing Encounter in Brexit times”. She says: “I want them to walk away in the knowledge that their truth is not necessarily the only truth and each person can be seen and heard. I think it [Brexit] is a very hard political topic and politics in general is something we are very divided about. This fighting makes us heavy and sad and sometimes it destroys friendships.”

Weekly classes will take place Fridays, 7pm-9pm, from £15, at New Unity, 39a Newington Green, Stoke Newington, N16 9PR. More at:

For more information on the Healing Encounter in Brexit times, on Saturday December 8 and Sunday December 9, see

Turning the lens on alienation

Mary Lynne Ellis

A psychotherapist and artist has launched an exhibition on Holloway Road showing her photography.
Mary Lynne Ellis has a B.A. in Art and Design and is qualified both as an art therapist and a psychotherapist. She says: “In these photographs, I explore structures of coercion and profound states of alienation generated by the current political climate in the UK and internationally.”
Coercion, Alienation Resistance includes her pictures of people and places across London in a political context.

One of Mary Lynne Ellis’ photographs

Mary Lynne adds: “I have always been committed to showing my art work in community based contexts. My hope is that the accessibility of art to a wider diversity of people can contribute to the growth of an awareness which is productive of social and political change.”
The exhibition runs until January 12 at Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, N7 6PA. Mon-Fri 9am-10pm, and Sat and Sun 9am-5pm.



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