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Zodiac moves to bigger venue

Switch comes after LGBTQ+ bar’s customers were targeted in hate crimes

30 October, 2020 — By Helen Chapman

Jade Phoenix: ‘This is a safe space for us and our community’

A NEW LGBTQ+ bar is moving to larger premises after a wide show of support.

The Zodiac Bar started as a twice weekly event at the Northern Soul Bar and Kitchen in Junction Road.

But it has now moved to the Dome near Tufnell Park Station, with a seating capacity for over 100 people under social distancing rules.

It held its first event last night (Thursday) at the venue where revellers enjoyed a “fetish cabaret” spectacle.

And in December the Zodiac Bar will move to its permanent home next door to the Boston Music Room in Junction Road.

Owner Jade Phoenix said the move is to cope with the rapid expansion of her business.

Ms Phoenix said: “This is a safe space for us and our community. We are accepting of everyone, whether they are older or younger, whoever they are. It is not just a bar, it is home.”

The bar opened in July with just 14 tables, but saw hate crimes against customers leaving the venue. Police are investigating the two incidents in August and September

Ms Phoenix said: “With our new venue, we will be able to maintain social distancing more confidently, host more guests, offer increased security and make this a hub for the North London LGBTQ+ community.”


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